Online Lessons and Courses in Sri Lanka

 Online courses in Sri Lanka are just one type of distant learning. In most cases, it refers to a lesson, course, or program delivered completely online.

The Most Covered Areas

Grade 5 Scholarship

This examination gives students in grade 5 the opportunity to go to schools with better secondary education facilities.

GCE O/L Examination

This examination is held at the end of the 11th grade. Every year, over 500,000 students take this exam. They can do A/L after passing O/L.

GCE A/L Examination

The Sri Lankan Advanced Level (A/L), is a General Certificate of Education (GCE) qualification exam in Sri Lanka.

Higher Education

Higher education in Sri Lanka is an optional final stage of formal learning. Students choose their path and follow secondary education with some restrictions.

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Let's win your Life

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X

The Benefits Of Online Courses

The benefits of online learning are almost too numerous to count. For instance, you can cover the material concerning exams when you have time. Further, you can go over it as often as you need, all without traveling to the classroom.
Above all, there are no parking problems or expenses, transportation fees, housing, and food service fees. Moreover, you can take the class from any location with internet access. Most importantly, there have been many studies showing that online learning students retain the material to a significantly greater degree than face-to-face instructor-led classes.

How Will Online Learning Be Delivered? 

Online learning students may think that learning materials will be delivered via email, and materials are only PDF documents. But it is totally wrong of them.
As a student, you can access your course materials after you are assigned to the course then, complete your assignments at any time. Online learning allows you to study wherever you are. This also means that students who wish to continue working while studying do not have to put their careers on hold. 

   The content delivery is consistent and can be easily repeated if you need to gain a better understanding.0nline Learning meets the need of an ever-growing population of students who cannot or prefer not to attend traditional classes.
These students include those unable to attend traditional classes and live in remote locations. Further, students who work full time and can only study at or after work, and those who prefer to learn independently.

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