simple past and past progressive:
present perfect and simple past:
present perfect progressive: revise the basics
simple past and present perfect: summary
more about simple past and past progressive
more about the present perfect
more about the present perfect progressive
past perfect:
more about the past perfect:
past perfect progressive
this is the first time etc
ability: can and could
permission: can, could, may, and might
obligation: must and have (got) to
obligation: should and ought to
certainty: must, can’t, will, should
probability and possibility may, might,
can, could
may have gone, should have told, etc
had better
be supposed to
will and would’. willingness; typical behavior
used to
be, have, and do pages 16-21
there is: revise the basics
there is: more complex structures
hove: revise the basics
do: emphasis
present tenses: revise the basics
instructions, commentaries, stories
more about present tenses
non-progressive verbs
future: revise the basics: will, going to
or present progressive?
more about the present progressive,
going to and will
be + infinitive: I am to … etc
future progressive
future perfect
future in the past

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