Example for Present Continuous Tense

Example for present continuous tense is for students who are want to master in present continuous tense

What Is Present Continuous Tense

The present continuous (also known as present progressive) is a verb tense used to indicate that an ongoing action is taking place now, either at the time of speaking or in a larger sense. The present continuous can also be used to indicate that something will happen in the near future. Read on for detailed descriptions, and examples, and present continuous exercises.
Present Continuous Forms
You are watching television.
Are you watching television?
You are not watching television.

Example for Present Continuous Uses

Study this example situation:
Sally is walking to work.
She’s on her way to work.
This indicates that she is currently walking at the moment of speaking.
The action is still ongoing.
The present continuous is am/is/are + -ing verb+
We/you/they are (= we’re etc.) doing etc. I am (= I’m) driving.
He/she/it is (= he’s, etc.) working.
I am doing something; = I’m in the middle of doing it; I’ve started doing it and I haven’t finished:  Please don’t make so much noise. I’m trying to work. (not I try) ‘Where’s Mark? “He’s having a bath.” (not He has a bath)
Let’s go out now. It is no longer raining. (not It doesn’t rain)
(not It doesn’t rain) Hello, Janet. Are you enjoying the party? (not Do you enjoy)
What’s all that noise? What’s going on? (= What’s happening?)
You are now studying English.
You are not swimming now.
Are you sleeping?
I am resting.
I am not walking.
Is he standing or sitting?
They are reading their books.
They are not watching cartoons.
What are you doing?
Why aren’t you doing your homework?
It is getting dark please turn on the light
I am not wearing a coat as it is not cold
Saman is talking with his friend

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Sometimes the action is not happening at the moment of speaking. For instance:
Peter is on the phone with a friend. He says I’m reading a very good book at the moment.
It’s about a man who tries..
At the moment of speaking, Peter is not reading the book.
He means that he has begun but has not yet finished it.
He is in the middle of reading it.
Some more examples:
Catherine wants to work in France, so she’s learning French (though she may not be learning French right now).
Catherine wants to work in France, so she’s learning French (though she may not be learning French right now). They want to complete it by next summer.
You can use the present continuous with today/this week/this year etc. (periods around now):
a: You’re working hard today. (not You work hard today): Yes, I have a lot to do.
The company I work for isn’t doing so well this year.
I am studying to become a physician.
I am not studying to become a neurosurgeon.
I’m now reading John Sawyer.
I am not reading any books right now.
Are you working on any special projects at work?
Aren’t you currently teaching at a university?

present continuous tense used for actions happening around now

We use the present continuous when we talk about changes happening around now, especially with these verbs: get, change, become, increase, rise, fall, grow, improve, begin, and start.
Is your English getting better? (not Does your English get better)
The world’s population is rapidly rising. (not rises)
I didn’t like my job at first, but I’m starting to enjoy it now. (not I start)
The children are growing up quickly.
The climate is rapidly changing.
I’m beginning to realize that he is a nice person
The economic situation of the country is getting worse
Things are changing nothing stays the same

More Example for Present Continuous

I’m writing essays on various subjects.
He is reading a wide variety of literature.
They are watching sports now.
She is sipping her coffee.
We are coming to buy goods in this market.
We are watching a movie at this Cineplex.
You are shopping in that market.
I am singing different kinds of songs, especially modern ones.
I’m listening to relaxing sounds.
He is flying around the world.
They are playing baseball on that field.
The poet is writing romantic poems.
The lyricist is writing realistic songs.
Are you listening to realistic songs?
I am not arguing with you.
Are you planning to visit us?
I’m assisting him with the assignment.
My mother is preparing steak and vegetables.
Are you watching tennis on television?

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