Government Exams Past Papers In Sri Lanka

Government exams past papers are the most useful material for those who are preparing for competitive exams

Why should you find government exam past papers

Government exams are conducted to select the best people for government jobs. Exams are not always easy, so you have to understand how difficult they are. One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to practice taking past papers. This helps you get used to the format of the questions, and if you time yourself-can also be good practice for making sure you spend the right amount of time on each section. You must focus on government exams past papers for the reasons given below. Then you will understand the nature of the exam papers.

What can you understand by studying past papers?

  • The allocated time for a paper
  • Number of questions in a paper
  • The structure of questions in a paper
  • The nature of questions in a paper
  • Total marks for a questions
  • The total marks for a paper

Practicing papers can help you get used to the style of questions that might come up on your exam, so you’ll be better prepared for the real thing. Exam questions use command words to tell you how they should be answered, so getting used to recognizing and responding to these is really helpful.

Some government exams

  • Law College Entrance Exam
  • Open University LLB Entrance Exam
  • Sri Lanka Administrative Exam
  • Teaching Exam
  • Sri Lanka Education Administrative Exam
  • Sri Lanka Planning Service Exam
  • Banking Exam
  • Management Assistant Exam
  • Management Service Officer
  • Custom Officer Exam
  • Prison Officer Exam
  • Railway Station Master Exam
  • Registrar Exam
  • KDU Entrance Exam
  • Grama Niladhari Exam
  • Asp Exam

What are the subjects of government exams?

IQ is the main subject of many government exams. However, the few exams don’t have IQ test papers. Other subjects may be language skills and general knowledge,

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