Government Job Vacancies Sri Lanka

What is a government job.

Government Job (vacancies) is a particular post in Sri Lankan government that entails some actions on behalf of the government.

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Government Job Vacancies new

Government Job Vacancies

It is the public service that carries out the day-to-day running of government activity. So, It includes the personnel of the ministers. The public service are headed by the relevant ministers and deputy ministers, and of the departments that fall under each ministry. The public services commission is responsible for the appointment, promotion. Further it is responsible for transfer, disciplinary control, and dismissal of public servants, with the exception of heads of departments.

While ministers and deputy ministers form and direct principles that regulate ministries and departments, public servants put such policies into action. The former is a political function since the policy framework is dictated by the political agenda of the day’s administration. The latter does not need consideration of political concerns. public servants are responsible for carrying out ministerial decisions, whether or not they agree with them politically. Ministers, on the other hand, rely on the public service to aid them in the formulation of policy by making knowledge, skills, and expertise available.

Government Jobs Vacancy

government jobs vacancy play a vital role in the job field. However, the private sector generates many top job vacancies too. In addition, the Private sector of many countries pays higher salaries than the government sector. As a result of this, many jobs applicants seek private jobs rather than government jobs. But demand for government jobs is still very high.

Sri Lankan Government Job Vacancies 

Sri Lankan government jobs are not different from job vacancies abroad or foreign. Therefore, there is a considerable demand for government jobs in Sri Lanka too. What are the reasons for this? Basically, Sri Lankan people think that doing government jobs is safer than doing private jobs. So why do people think that government jobs are safer than private vacancies? Most probably there is a small possibility to remove from the jobs. Further, the government rarely cuts salaries. Similarly, the government provides retired people with a pension. Consequently, their lives will be even safer.
government job vacancies in Sri Lanka

Government Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka

 Job vacancies in Sri Lanka consist of a few categories, namely administrative services 

  • planning services. 
  • teaching service.
  • The banking service
  • The engineering service
  • security services.
  • judicial service.
  • Medical Services
  • Clerical Service
  • Management service

The Public Service Commission exercises the power of new appointments except for judiciary officers. The Judicial Service Commission recruits new magistrates and registrars.

Government Job Vacancies of Sri Lanka

What are the job vacancies in Sri Lanka? For example, teaching is one of the most popular job. So, many people apply for teaching service yearly. But the government is not able to fill the vacancies. Similarly, Grama Niladari is also another example. If someone chooses the banking sector, then, he has to do a banking exam. So he has a chance to join the Bank of Ceylon, People’s Bank, and national savings bank (NSB).
 Management assistant officers work to carry out government day-to-day activities.
Divisional secretary post is a high paying job. Furthermore, it is one of the most respectable jobs. After passing the SLAS exam, you can be a divisional secretary (Upa Disapathi). As many people try to join Sri Lanka administrative service, SLAS exam papers are not easy. If you want to be a customs officer or forest officer, you must sit for relevant exams. On the whole, government exams are difficult.

Government Job Vacancies New

New technology is rapidly increasing. Simultaneously, the government is using it more and more. Consequently, the government has to recruit more and more people. So the latest job vacancies are much more available in Sri Lanka. But unfortunately, we can’t find a qualified and suitable person for the latest jobs. Jobs relating to the internet and IT are the latest jobs in Sri Lanka. Currently, the ability to work online is essential. Nowadays, people have to work at home because of COVID-19.

Government Job Vacancies Sinhala

Sometimes the government calls for applications only from Sinhala-speaking applicants. Perhaps it may be Tamil. They consider the applicant’s first language. When they call for applications in that manner, they mention the conditions in the government gazette of Sri Lanka. Most of the people who live in Kandy, Colombo, Kurunegala, Mathara, Galle, and Kegalle speak the Sinhala language. Furthermore, people living in Anuradhapura, Gampaha, Negombo, and Nuwara Eliya speak Sinhala too. So they have a good opportunity to find government jobs in their residential area. 

Government Job Vacancies Application

You can download government job vacancy applications by downloading the gazette. In addition, the department of examinations-Sri Lanka provides facilities to apply for exams online. Actually, you can only apply for an exam, not for jobs through the department of examinations. They introduced this system under the COVID-19 situation.

Government Job Vacancies 2022

Sri Lanka is facing a big economic crisis. As a result of this, It seems the government has limited new recruitments. Whereas, Government called applications for many exams last year. They have not conducted the exam yet.

Government Job vacancies In Sri Lanka: How to get a job with the government

The Sri Lankan government is a complex entity that employs a large number of people in a wide variety of positions. If you’re interested in working for the government, it can be difficult to know where to start. So We’ll go through how to look for and apply for government employment in Sri Lanka in this article. In addition, We’ll also provide you with advice on how to ace the interview and get your dream job.

1. What types of government jobs are available in Sri Lanka?

In Sri Lanka, there are many distinct types of government jobs. Briefly, Education, health care, agriculture, and public administration are just a few of the most common fields. In the same way, there are also jobs in the military and police forces. So, The government is continually looking for suitable candidates to fill these posts. If you want to work for the government, there are several options available to you.

2. How to find government job vacancies?

If you don’t know where to begin, discovering government job vacancies in Sri Lanka might be a daunting task. However, it’s not impossible, and there are a few ways that you can go about finding vacancies. The most obvious way to find out about government job vacancies is to check the website of the Ministry of Public Administration. Because It has a current listing of all open positions. Alternatively, you can go to the Department of Government Printing and Publication’s website. Since it regularly posts government job vacancies in newspapers. Similarly, Government departments may publish job vacancies on their own websites or social media pages. So be sure to check them. Signing up for email notifications from all of these sites is the best way to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities. Accordingly This way, you’ll be notified as soon as new positions are announced.

3. How to apply for government jobs?

In Sri Lanka, there are a few ways to apply for government jobs. In deed The most typical method is to apply through the Department of Government Printing and Stationery in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, You can also apply online at the Ministry of Defense’s website. If you’re interested in working for a specific government agency, check their website for information on how to apply. Be sure to carefully read the job advertisement, and follow all instructions included. With a little preparation and effort, you’re sure to land your dream government job!

4. What are the benefits of working in the government?

Working for the government has numerous advantages. Namely, they are high compensation and benefits, employment security, and numerous prospects for advancement. If you want to work for the government of Sri Lanka, now is the time to apply. Therefore begin by going to the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs website. Then, you may see a list of all the available government jobs and apply online there. Moreover, don’t lose out on your chance to work with the Sri Lankan government—apply now!

5. How to get a job with the government?

Here are a few pointers on how to make your application stand out:
-Be concise and relevant in your cover letter. Next, explain why you’re applying for the job and why you’re the best candidate for it.
-Make sure your resume is up-to-date and tailored to the position you’re applying for.
-Ensure that your references are up-to-date and contactable.
-Attend career fairs and networking events to meet people who work in government.
-Be proactive and keep an eye out for job postings on government websites.


If you’re looking for stability, a good salary, and job security, then a government job may be the perfect fit for you. Further Sri Lanka has a wide range of government jobs available, from entry-level to executive. So, You can find government job vacancies through online job portals and newspapers, and you can apply online or in person. Likewise working for the government comes with a respectable income, employment stability. Moreover it is  a comprehensive benefits package. Start by exploring the many sorts of government jobs that are available and apply for the positions that match your abilities and qualifications.

Required General Qualifications For Government Job Vacancies:

1. Required General Qualifications For Government Job Vacancies:

 Every candidate must provide acceptable evidence of Sri Lankan citizenship. According to the Sri Lanka Citizenship Act, a “Sri Lankan” is a citizen of Sri Lanka by descent or registration.

A candidate for any post for which the minimum educational qualification is a pass in the Senior School Certificate Examination or an equal or higher examination should have a pass in the Senior School Certificate Examination or an equal or higher examination, should have a pass either in Sinhala or Tamil obtained, as the case may be, at the Senior School (this requirement will not apply to those who are in the public service from a date before January 01, 1961, and who seek appointments to other posts in the public service).

2. General Service Conditions

The Financial Regulations, the Establishments Code, departmental orders or regulations, and any other orders or regulations issued by the government from time to time will apply to all officials in the public service.

Under the Public Officers (Security) Ordinance, a public official may be compelled to provide security in the amount and manner determined by the secretary to the Ministry concerned.

A public officer may be assigned to any location on the island.

 3. Terms and Conditions of Service for Public Officers with Permanent Appointments:

In addition to the criteria outlined in Section 2 above, permanent public officers will be subject to the following additional requirements:

 Unless a longer term is deemed appropriate in the case of any position, all appointees shall be on probation for three years. Any appointment may be canceled at any moment during the probationary period without giving a reason.

 All public officials must follow the requirements of Chapter IV of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, as well as any other laws, regulations, or rules enacted from time to time to implement the Government’s Language Policy.

 All public employees who did not join the public service in Sinhala or Tamil are obliged to learn one of the official languages.

The passing of the Grade 1 Proficiency Test in one of the Official Languages within one year, the Grade II Proficiency Test within two years, and the Grade III Proficiency Test (where applicable) within three years from the date of appointment will determine whether an officer who entered the Public Service in a medium other than Sinhala or Tamil will be confirmed at the end of their probation period.

If you fail to pass an exam within the allotted time, your increments will be suspended. If the test is not passed within six months after the specified term, the suspension will be changed to a stoppage, with the stoppage lasting until the test is passed or until the requirements of Section 3:1:6 below apply.

  His services shall be terminated if he fails to pass the test within the specified time frame of 2 1/2 years.

 4. Terms and Conditions of Engagement:

 Public officers appointed to permanent and pensionable posts should contribute to the ‘Widows and orphans’ Pension Scheme from their salary an amount equivalent to the percentage the Government requires to recover from their salary.

 Public officials hired on a Provident Fund basis, whether permanent or temporary, shall be obliged to pay 6% of their consolidated salary to the Public Service Provident Fund. As its share of contributions, the government will contribute 150 percent of the mandatory payments credited to the fund at the end of the fiscal year.

 Officers in the Public Service  hold pensionable appointments. Further, They are released for appointments to pensionable posts in the Local Government Service, as well as officers in the Local Government Service who hold pensionable appointments and are released for appointments to pensionable posts in the Public Service, will be allowed to retire from their positions in the local government service.
 Regular force members in the army, navy and air force who are released for appointments to positions in the Public Service. So The Public Service are pensionable under the Minutes on Pension shall be permitted to retire from such positions. Regardless of anything else in these Minutes, any member of the Armed Forces is released to accept an appointment as a Public Officer in a post. In addition the member of the Armed Forces has been declared to be pensionable under these Minutes. Moreover, they will have his or her not forfeited full pay service counted for any pension or gratuity payable under these Minutes.

5. Public Service Officers in the Field:

Officers of the Public Service  hold all of the required credentials. They shall submit their applications via the Heads of their respective Departments. In the event of applications from public officers are employed in a permanent position in the public sector. When sending such applications, department heads should indicate whether the candidates will be freed or not to take up the new position if chosen.

 Candidates may be asked to appear for an interview at a certain time and location. In this case, no travel or other costs will be reimbursed.

Anyone who wishes to suggest a candidate should do it in the form of a testimonial.
Candidates who canvass or try to influence the selection of a candidate shall be disqualified.

 If an error in an application statement is discovered before the selection, the applicant will be disqualified, and if discovered after the selection, the applicant will be dismissed.

 Applications that do not meet the advertisement’s criteria in every way will be rejected.

6. Salary Definition for Eligibility Purposes:

For eligibility, remuneration refers solely to the consolidated salary and excludes any action pay, allowances, or other benefits.

Source –Government Gazette

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