Present and past
1 Present continuous (I am doing)
2 Present simple (I do)
3 Present continuous and present simple 1 (I am doing and I do)
4 Present continuous and present simple 2 (I am doing and I do)
5 Past simple (I did)
6 Past continuous (I was doing)
Present perfect and past
7 Present perfect 1 (I have done)
8 Present perfect 2 (I have done)
9 Present perfect continuous (I have been doing)
10 Present perfect continuous and simple (I have been doing and I have done)
11 How long have you (been)… ?
12 For and since When … ? and How long … ?
13 Present perfect and past 1 (I have done and I did)
14 Present perfect and past 2 (I have done and I did)
15 Past perfect (I had done)
16 Past perfect continuous (I had been doing)
17 Have and have got
18 Used to (do)
19 Present tenses (i am doing / I do) for the future
20 (I’m) going to (do)
21 Will/shall 1
22 Will/shall 2
23 I will and I’m going to
24 Will be doing and will have done
25 When I do / When I’ve done When and if
26 Can, could and (be) able to
27 Could (do) and could have (done)
28 Must and can’t
29 May and might 1
30 May and might 2
31 Have to and must
32 Must mustn’t needn’t
33 Should 1
34 Should 2
35 Had better It’s time…
36 Would
37 Can/Could/Would you … ? etc. (Requests, offers, permission and invitations)

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