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IQ papers in English is used in many government exams to check IQ level of candidates.

22nd January 2006
01. Fewer Elected official of supporting environment legislation this year than at any time in the last decade. In a study of thirty elected official, only five were actively campaigning for new environment legislation. This comes at a time when the public’s concern for the environment is growing by leaps and bounds.

Which of the following conclusion can most properly be drawn from the statement above?
a) More elected officials are needed to support environmental legislation.
b) Elected official have lost touch with the concerns of the public.
c) The five elected officials who actively campaigned for new environmental legislation should be congratulated.
d) If the environment is to be saved, elected officials must support environmental legislation.
e) If elected officials are truly to represent their constituents, many of them must increase their support of environmental legislation.
02. It has recently been proposed that we adopt an all-volunteer army. This policy was tried on a limited basis several years ago, and was a miserable failure. The level of education of the volunteers was unacceptably low, while levels of drug use and crime soared among army personnel. Can we entrust our national defense to a volunteer army? The answer is clearly ‘NO’

Which of the following statements, if true, most strengthens the author’s claim that an all-volunteer army should not be implemented?
a) The general level of education has risen since the first time an-volunteer army was tried.
b) The proposal was made by an organization called Citizen for peace.
c) The first attempt to create a volunteer army was carried out according to the same conditions as those that exist today.
d) A volunteer army would be less expensive than an army that relies on the draft.
e) The size of the army needed today is smaller than that needed when a volunteer army was first tried.

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03. Would-class marathon runners do not run more than six miles a day when they are training. Therefore, if you run more than six miles a day, you are not world-class.
Which of the following statements supports its conclusion in the same manner as the argument above?
a) Sprinters always run in the morning. If it is morning, and you see someone running, it will not be a sprinter.
b) Paint never dries in less than three hours. If it dries in less than three hours, it is not paint.
c) Little league games are more fun for the parents than for the children who actually play. Therefore, the parents should be made to play.
d) If a car stars in the morning, chances are it will start again that evening. Our car always starts in the morning, and it always starts in the evening as well.
e) If you sleep less than four hours a night, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Studies have shown that most valuable sleep occurs in the fifth hour.
04. Four years ago the government introduced the Youth Training Program to guarantee teenagers leaving school an alternative to the dole. Today, over 150,000 16-and 17-years-old are still signing on for unemployment benefits.

Each of the following, if true, could account for the above EXCEPT
a) The program provides uninteresting work.
b) It is difficult to find work for all the program’s graduates.
c) The number of 16-and 17-years-old youths has increased over the past four years.
d) Unemployment benefits are known while future salaries are not.
e) Youths are unaware of the program’s benefits.
05. ‘many people are murdered by killers whose homicidal tendencies are triggered by an official execution. There was a murder rate increase of at least 66% of executions since 1977. If each of the 1,788 death row prisoners were to be executed; up to 7,152 additional murders would be one of the results’

Which of the following, if true, would weaken the above argument?
a) The rate of murders to executions is 1 to 1.66
b) There is no relation between executions and murders.
c) Executions result from the higher incidence of violent crime.
d) The death penalty will be abolished.
e) Not all death row prisoners will be executed.

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06. Which of the following numbers is the closet to the square root of .0017,
a) .005 b) .05 c) .13 d) .4 e) .04
07. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20%and the width is decreased by 20%, then the area?
a) Decreases by 20%
b) Decreases by 40%
c) Stays the same
d) Increases by 10%
e) Increases by 20%
08. Mr. Torny purchased stoke for Rs.1500 and sold 2/3 of it after its value doubled. He sold the remaining stock at 5 times its purchase price. What was his total profit on the stock?
a) Rs. 1500/- d) Rs.3000/-
b) Rs.2000/- e) Rs.6000/-
c) Rs.2500
09. City B is miles east of city A. City C is 6 miles north of city B. City D is 16 miles east of city C, and city E is 12 miles of city D. What is the shortest distance from city A to city E?
a) 10 miles d) 30 miles
b) 20 miles e) 42 miles
c) 24 miles
10. A car goes 15 miles on a gallon of gas when it is driven at 50 miles per hour. When the car is driven at 60 miles per hour it only goes 80% as far. How many gallon of gas will it take to travel 120 miles driving at 60 miles per hour?
a) 2 c) 8 e) 10
b) 6.4 d) 9.6
11. .03 times of .05 is,
a) 15% c) .15% e) .0015%
b) 1.5% d) .015%
12. For every novel in the school library there are two science books; for each science book there are seven economics books. Express the ratio of economics bools to science books to novel in the school library as triple ratio.
a) 7 : 2 : 1 c) 14 : 7 : 2 e) 14 : 2 : 7
b) 7 : 1 : 2 d) 14 : 2 : 1

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• Distribution of work Hours in a Factory.
Number of workers Number of Hours Worked
20 45 – 50
15 40 – 44
25 35 – 39
16 30 – 34
04 0 – 29
Total 80 3100

13. What percentage of wokers worked 40 or more hours?
a) 18.75 c) 33.33 e) 43.75
b) 25 d) 40
14. The number of workers who worked from 40 to 44 hours is x times the number who worked up to 29 hours, where x is,
a) 15/16 c) 4 e) 6 1/4
b) 3 3/4 d) 5
15. Which of the following statements can be inferred from the table?
I. The average number of hours worked per worker is less than 40.
II. At least 3 worked more than 48 hours.
III. More than half of all the workers worked more than 40 hours.
a) I only c) I, II only e) I, II, III
b) II only d) I, III only
16. Fran is taller than Pubudu
Juky is taller than Pubudu
Susu is taller than July
Tag is taller than Fran
If the information above is true, which of the following statements must also be true
a) Fran is taller than July.
b) Tag is taller than Pubudu.
c) Susi is shorter than Tag.
d) Fran is shorter than July.
e) Pubudu is taller than July.

17. Many people believe that gold and platinum are the most valuble commodities. To the true entrepreneur, however, gold and platinum are less valuble than opportunities that can enable him to further enrich himself. Therefore, in the world of higher finance, information is the most valuble commodity.

The author of the passage above makes which of the following assumption?
a) Gold and platinum are not the most valuble commodities.
b) Entrepreneurs are not like most people.
c) The value of information is incalculably high.
d) Infirmation about business opportunities is accurate and will lead to increased wealth.
e) Only entrepreneurs feel that information is the most valuble commodity.

18. 22% of the cars produced in America are manufactured in Michigan. If the total numbers of cars produced in America is 40 million, how many cars are produced outside of Michigan?
a) 4.4 Million c) 15 Million e) 31.2 Million
b) 8.8 Million d) 27 Million
19. A student took 6 courses last year and received an average grade of 90. The year before, the student took 5 courses last year and received an average grade of 100. To the nearest tenth of a point, what was the student’s average grade for the entire two-year period?
a) 79 b) 89 c) 94.5 d) 5 e) 97.3
20. Three typist are hired to type a 180 page report. Typist A can type 4 pages an hour, Typist B can type 5 pages an hour, and typist C can type 6 pages an hour. If all three work continuously at their respective rates untill the report is finished, what fraction of the report will be typed by typist A?
a) 2/9 b) 4/15 c) 1/3 d) 4/9 e) 2/3
21. The output of a factory was increased by 10% to keep up with rising demand. To handle the Christmas rush, the new output was increased by 20%. By approximatelt what percent would the output now have to be decreased in order to restore the original output.
a) 20% b) 24% c) 30% d) 32% e) 70%
22. ‘The United States gives Billions of Dollars in foreign aid to Balonia. Leaders of Balonia resent foreign aid. The United States should discontinue direct foreign aid to Balonia.’
Which of the following statement, if true, would weaken the above argument?
a) Balonia does not need foreign aid.
b) Balonia is not a developing country.
c) Balonia is ruled by the dictator.
d) Balonia’s balance of payment is in surplus.
e) Balonia’s economy is growing.

23. Select the most appropriate answer. BDF, CFI, DHL
a) EIM b) CJM c) EJO d) EMI e) EFL
24. How much fence will be needed to enclose a rectangular field which is 20 feet long and 100 feet wide?
a) 120 feet b) 140 feet c) 2000 feet d) 240 feet e) 200 feet
25. A motor pool has 300 vehicles of which 30% are trucks. 20% of all the vehicles in the motor pool are diesel, including 15 trucs. What percent of the motor pool is compost of vehicles that are neother truck nor diesel?
a) 165% b) 90% c) 65% d) 55% e) 10%
26. The cost of a one-family home was Rs. 120,000 in 1980. In 1980 the price has increased to Rs. 180,000. What was the percent increase in the cost of the home?
a) 60% b) 50% c) 55% d) 40% e) 33%
27. Mr.Lal deposits Rs 100 in an account that pays 20% interest, compounded semi-annually. How much money will there be in the account at the end of one year?
a) Rs.118 b) Rs.120 c) Rs.121 d) Rs.122 e) Rs.140
28. Half of the graduating class of a collage was accepted by a business school. One third of the class was accepted by a law school. If one fifth of the class was accepted to both types of school, what fraction of the class was accepted only by a law school?
a) 1/60 b) 2/15 c) 1/3 d) ½ e) 4/5
29. A company’s profits have doubled for each of the four years it has been in existence. If the total profits for the last four years were Rs. 30 million, what were the profits in the first year of operation?
a) Rs. 1 million b) Rs. 2 million c) Rs. 4 million
d) Rs. 4.5 million e) Rs. 6 million

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