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IQ Questions in Interview are different. Interviewing for a job is a nerve-wracking experience. You’re meeting someone new for the first time, and they’re asking you difficult questions that you must respond to right now. Some queries are expected, while others may surprise you. Even if you are aware that a question will be asked, answering it might be difficult.
What are the six most difficult interview questions?
So, what are the most common interview questions that you may find difficult to answer? We’ve compiled a list of questions and suggestions for addressing them:

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Answering the Top 6 Difficult Interview Questions


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Give a brief statement about yourself, both personally and professionally, in response to this question. Tell us about your professional experience. Avoid just repeating material from your CV.
Why did you quit your previous position? What motivates you to quit your present position?
It’s critical that you don’t mention anything negative about your prior or present workplace at this point. If you say anything negative about them, this may cause worry. Talk about why you’re looking for a new job. Describe how your past experience prepared you for this position.

What is the reason behind your frequent job changes?

If you’ve lately traveled a lot, it’s crucial to emphasize that if you’re employed, you want to stay for the long haul. Quickly address your reasons for changing employment on a regular basis, but don’t spend too much time doing so.

Describe an instance when you made a professional blunder. How did you get back on your feet after that?

Mistakes are bound to occur. It’s OK to bring up a period when you made a mistake. The idea is to own up to your error and describe what you did to correct it. Describe what you took away from the event.

 What do your coworkers and boss think of you?

This is a good question to use to talk about your skills. What do you excel at? What are the things that your employer or coworkers come to you for at work? Do you have expertise that others don’t?

What is your main weakness?

We all have our weaknesses. It’s OK to admit that you have flaws in a certain area. What’s most essential to explain are the steps you’re doing to solve these shortcomings.

What makes you the most qualified applicant for the position?

Concentrate on what you believe is most essential to the employer. Discuss why you are a good match for the job and how employing you would help the firm.

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