slas exam is the exam conducted by the government to select suitable people for administrative service.SLAS is one of Sri Lanka’s most well-known government examinations. Those who pass this test will be eligible to work in Sri Lanka in an administrative position. Applicants for this exam must have a degree that is approved by the University Grant Commission in order to take the test.

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slas meaning

SLAS stands for Sri Lanka Administrative Service. The Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) is the government of Sri Lanka’s main administrative service, with civil employees working for both the central government and provincial councils. The Ceylon Administrative Service (CAS) was established in 1963 to replace the Ceylon Civil Service, which was abolished on May 1, 1963. It is the highest level of government service.
The SLAS, which is modeled after the British Civil Service, is a permanent bureaucracy that assists elected politicians with day-to-day government responsibilities. The Public Service Commission selects and promotes them. However, high government posts such as Permanent Secretaries are nominated by the President, based on the Public Service Commission’s recommendations in principle.

Types of slas exams

There are two types of exams, slas open exam and slas limited exam. so Applicants who sit for the two exams must have different qualifications. The structures of the exam papers are also different.

slas exam past papers

slas past papers are slas limited exam past papers and slas open exam past papers.

slas open exam past papers

New Circular has been released on the Syllabus of the open written Competitive Exam (Grade l ll)
This examination consists of five (05) question papers as follows
(i) General Intelligence
(ii) Social, Economic, Political Background and Trends in Sri Lanka
(iii) Global Trends
(iv) Managerial Aptitude
(v)Creative, Analytical and Communicative Skills

slas limited exam past papers

This examination shall consist Of four (04) question papers as follows.
(i)General Intelligence
(ii) Social, Economic and Political background in Sri Lanka and Global Trends
iii. Case Studies relevant to Public Administration I (Relating to the Establishments Code, Procedural Rules of the Public Services Commission and Financial Regulations)
(iv )Case Studies relevant to Public Administration Il (Relating to the testing of creative, analytical, and communicative skills)

slas application

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