Teaching Exam in Sri Lanka Past Papers and Videos

The teaching exam is the exam that is conducted by the Sri Lankan government to select teachers for government schools.

Teaching Exam in Sri Lanka

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Teaching Exam in Sri Lanka IQ Videos

Sri Lanka has a free education system. So the government maintains and controls the education systems, educational institutes, and schools. However, the private sector maintains and controls a few schools and universities. So, it is the duty of the government to conduct the teaching exam and select suitable people as teachers.

Qualifications for The Teaching Exam

The main qualification for the teaching exam is having a degree.
The government has mentioned other qualifications when they gazette for the exam.
Above all, the candidate must be a Sri Lankan citizen and over 18 years old.
The candidate must be able to work in any area of Sri Lanka.
Further, he must be in good mental and physical condition.
He must not be a convicted person.

Syllabus of the Exam in Sri Lanka

The teaching exam consists of two papers, namely IQ and General Knowledge.
IQ stands for intelligence quotient, and IQ is used to measure the IQ level of a person. So, the exam papers contain IQ questions to assess candidates’ IQ levels. IQ papers typically consist of forty questions.
General knowledge papers in this exam are in Sinhala, Tamil, or English medium. General knowledge covers a broad scope of education. I have mentioned some of the areas so that you can study them.

Teaching Exam Past Papers

You can use teaching exam past papers to understand the nature of the exam. After understanding the exam papers, you will be able to prepare for the exam. You should do as many past papers as you can. We have published many IQ questions and answers in Sinhala. You can acquire much general knowledge in Sinhala. Further, we publish many IQ videos in Sinhala. So you can watch them and learn.

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