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A government gazette Sri Lanka (sometimes called an official gazette, official journal, an official newspaper, official monitor, or official bulletin) is a publication authorized to publish public or legal announcements. It is normally created by legislation or official action, and the publishing of notifications within it, whether by the government or a private party, is usually enough to satisfy legal obligations for public notice.

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Government Gazette in Sri Lanka

The  gazette of Sri Lanka is published either in print, electronically, or both. It usually publishes every Friday but sometimes special gazette publishes
The term “gazette” is presumably known to you since it appears in the titles of many publications, but the original “gazettes” were a series of bulletins issued in England in the 17th and early 18th centuries. Notices of government appointments and promotions, as well as bankruptcies, property transfers, and engagements, were published in government gazette, Sri Lanka. It’s also a verb that means “to announce or publish in a gazette.” The term comes from the Italian “Gazzetta,” which is derived from French. The term “gazetteer,” which we today use to refer to a place name dictionary, originally meant “journalist” or “publicist.”

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